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Hi There, and welcome to Quibbler!                             

We all love a bargain, right?
But one of the things lacking in the online shopping experience is the ability to haggle with the merchant, or to "Quibble!" a little, about the price with the store...

This site was created to showcase a great new app called "Quibble!" which is now available to all Shopify store owners. 

It allows our visitors to become easily engaged with us, the store, but its done so that its anonymous for the shopper. We have no idea who is offering us what!

But as soon as we get an offer that we think is fair for an item, "Quibble!" sends out a special link to whoever made that offer, and it allows them to now safely checkout in our store, with their newly agreed price on the item!

(and shipping is free on this site also!)

Quibble makes shopping much more fun, as sometimes we, the store, may 'counter' an offer, ask for a little more, and so we can be back and forth haggling (we prefer 'quibbling') with a customer and many times we give great bargains to crafty Quibblers!  

So over the coming months, watch out for new stores adding Quibble! and also check back here from time to time.

To encourage usage of the Quibble app, and to build a community of "Quibblers" we will be adding great products with 'flexible' prices over the coming weeks and months.

Shopping just became a lot more fun!





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